This week's Ruby news, issue 272


Ruby News

Ruby 2.3.0 Preview 1 Released

Ruby 2.3 has received the ‘safe navigation operator’ mentioned a few weeks ago. Instead of if x && x.a && x.a.b you could write if x.?a.?b , for example. Frozen strings have also become more efficient.

Riding Rails

Snappier Development Mode in Rails 5

A look at why development mode will be somewhat faster for large code bases on Rails 5. Spoiler: Rails 5 will ship with an evented file system monitor.


In Pursuit of a Scalable Ruby Offline Sort: Adventures in Ruby Memory Management

A look behind the development of offline-sort , a library that can sort large amounts of data using a predictable amount of memory.

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Olivier Lacan

Hash Comparison in Ruby 2.3

Ruby 2.3 (now available in preview form) includes support for comparing hashes using comparison operators like >= for checking if one hash contains the keys and values of another.

Starr Horne

Slicing and Dicing Ruby Enumerables

A look at Enumerable’s slice_before , slice_when and slice_after methods.

Brian Shirai

Compute: Amazon Lambda-Inspired Platform on Rubinius

Rubinius Compute is a new effort to build a distributed network of nodes that can run code in the cloud with no persistent server for a single app, a la Lambda.

Chris Kottom

Bulletproof Rails Background Jobs

Reflections on how a developer approaches writing background jobs with some common sense patterns.

Dave Copeland

Simple Rails APIs with Stitches

A look at how a team of engineers took inspiration from Heroku’s HTTP API Design Guide and have used stitches to build simple and explicit Rails-based services.


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In brief

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