Thank You for the Votes


The Oracle Database Developer Choice Awardsvoting is now closed.

I thank all of you who voted for me. It was an honor and privilege just to be nominated, and then even getting votes from somebody, well that feels good :-)

My final ranking is middling, but the competitors were all worthy and good people, so I have no complaints :-)

CATEGORY NAME FINAL_RANK POSITIVE_VOTES--------- ----------------- ---------- --------------apex Morten Braten 1 186apex Kiran Pawar 2 180apex Juergen Schuster 3 168apex Jari Laine 4 137apex Karen Cannell 5 91apex Paul MacMillan 6 79apex Trent Schafer 7 71db-design Heli Helskyaho 1 239db-design Rob Lockard 2 206db-design Michelle Kolbe 3 181db-design Mark Hoxey 4 96ords Dietmar Aust 1 162ords Dimitri Gielis 2 100ords Morten Braten 3 68ords Kiran Pawar 4 50ords Anton Nielsen 5 33ords Tim St. Hilaire 6 21plsql Roger Troller 1 219plsql Adrian Billington 2 209plsql Patrick Barel 3 126plsql Sean Stuber 4 123plsql Morten Braten 5 113plsql Kim Berg Hansen 6 71plsql Bill Coulam 7 66sql Emrah Mete 1 447sql Sayan Malakshinov 2 232sql Sean Stuber 3 132sql Kim Berg Hansen 4 110sql Matthias Rogel 5 80sql Erik Van Roon 6 74sql Justin Cave 7 65sql Stew Ashton 8 54

Congratulations to all nominees and big hurrahs for the top in each category.

If you're going to Oracle OpenWorld, come to the YesSQL celebrationwhere the winners will get their awards. I'll be there and we can have a chat ;-)

See you in San Francisco...