SALE: Oracle SQL Developer Data Modeler Jump Start


SALE: Oracle SQL Developer Data Modeler JumpStart

So in honor of the upcoming #OOW15 and User Group Sunday Symposiums, I decided to put my video workshopfor #SQLDevModeler on Sale !

Why use #SQLDevModeler?

If you were an Oracle Designer user and are looking for a replacementdata modeling tool, or you are using one of the other mainstream, expensivemodeling tools and want a more cost effectivealternative, then you owe it to yourself to look at Oracle SQL Developer Data Modeler (SDDM). Data Modeler has been around for years now and is up to version 4.1. It really is an industrial strength data modeling tool that can be used for any data modeling task you need to tackle. (And it works withMS SQL Server and DB2, not just Oracle.)

#SQLDevModeler is a fully functional tool provided for FREEby Oracle. It has many features built in that can be leveraged to capture the design of an existing (probably undocumented) database and re-engineer it or you can use it to design a new database, even a data warehouse from scratch. There are features to apply standards, and then generate DDL to implement your newly standardized design. You can even use one logical model to develop multiple physical models that can be deployed to different RDBMS. You also have options on the type of notation used in the diagrams (i.e., Barker, IE, etc.).

Workshop? What Workshop?

I’m so glad you asked! ;-)

Since there was no one around teaching classes on SDDM, I figured I should build one that would be easily accessible and show you exactly how to use the tool for the most common data modeling tasks.

This workshop will start from a totally blank page and walk you through all the major features and options of the tool to show you how to design build and deploy a database. I provide lots of examples and tips on how to do all this so that you can quickly be productive.

In this workshop, I introduce you to the tool and show you how to use some of the cool features I use almost daily. I provide step-by-step instructions on how to use these features.

In this 4+ hourlong workshop you will see:

How to create new objects from a blank page How to build a logical ERD (with sub-types!) How to reverse engineer and document existing databases How to reverse engineer logical models from physical How to use the visual view builder How to use the interactive view testing tool How to reconcile a model to the database or the database to a model How to generate DDL for multiple RDBMSs (Not Just Oracle!) How to generate a script to change an existing database

Tips, tricks and features I will demonstrate:

Modifying the delivered reporting templates How (and when) to use the abbreviations utility How to use and apply domains How to create and applying object naming templates How to add audit columns to every table How to add custom design rules for model quality checks How to use the built in quality checks How to use the newest find and extract feature to enable updating table and column comments by end users How to generate a simple data dictionary

As an added bonus, in addition to step by step slides, I also give you a livedemonstration of important aspects of the tool.

By the end of the workshop you will be able to effectively use Oracle SQL Developer Data Modeler for all your data modeling tasks.

So how about a sample?

The platform that we used to deliver the video is pretty darn good, but I figured you might want to see what the content looks like so here are two modules taken right out of the class. The first one talks about using sub views in SDDM, and the 2nd one talks about creating Entities.




Sale Coupon!

So ready to sign up?

Great. Go hereto get right in!

Normally the price is $1299 (which is MUCHless than you would have to pay me to come to your office and teach you myself), but for a limited time, I am giving a big discount so that even more folks can afford it.

Use coupon code KentSDDMto get $300 offthe regular price.

I am sure you will find this a very useful workshop with examples you can use (yes there are a few downloads when you finish the class). The examples alone will save you a bunch of time and money.

But don’t take my word for it:

I’ve seen a good bit of this course. It’s good stuff, and Kent is a great instructor and presenter.

— Jeff Smith (@thatjeffsmith) September 28, 2015

So sign uptoday, start watching, then you can ask me questions at #OOW15!



The Data Warrior

P.S. The sale will not last long, so be sure to jump in nowto save$300 while you can. Go on, sign up here(you know you should).