Therefore hereby a post about how to findthe Oracle OTN XMLDB forum “Frequently Asked Question” overview pages, with topics about:

Where can I get answers to questions on Schema Registration? How can I load XML content into Relational Tables? How can I view my XML content as relational tables? Why am I getting an ORA-00600 with arguments [qmxiUnpPacked2], [121]? What is the minimum supported database release for XML DB functionality? Where can I learn more about the XML DB features? How to create XML from relational tables based on an XML Schema? How do I process XML documents that contain DOCTYPE tags with XML DB? How do I work with XMLType using Java and JDBC? How to I use namespaces with XMLQuery()? How do I declare namespace prefix mapping with XMLTable()? How does XML DB validate XML documents against an XML schema? Why is the size of my XML document 0 bytes when viewed via HTTP or FTP? How do I tell if XML DB is installed.. How do I install it..? How do I uninstall XML DB ? How do I re-install XML DB? How do I load an large XML document into XML DB? What is the best way of inserting very large XML documents into XML DB? Why do I get ORA-19114 when trying to use XMLTable() or XMLQuery()? How does the Encoding part of the XML Declaration get determined?? What are the “XDB Utilities”, how do I install them?

People probably didn’t even know there was a link with this information :S

Link for Oracle XMLDB FAQ