Oracle JDeveloper and Oracle ADF 12c ( out (bug fixed and lots of new features i...


Time to check new Jdeveloper 12.1.2 , Wait is over Checkout new features :)

Download- Oracle JDeveloper 12g (

1.Alta UI is now default skin for all ADF Faces components , previously it was Skyros

Read more about Oracle Alta UI Design Patterns

4. In Data Visualization some change done in Pie Chart and Thematic Map. New component NBox and funnel chart is introduced

2. Theme Editor is now available to design new skins or to edit existing themes , User doesn't need to learn CSS to use theme editor

3. Masonry Layout is introduced to design responsive applications, it is like responsive HTML5 websites that adjusts component according to available space and this feature is essential for web applications now days

A responsive 3 column layout template is also introduced for viewing in Desktop , Mobile and Tablet

Read more about new features - New In This Release

Bug Fixed List in Jdeveloper

Many bugs related to PopUp, AutoSuggest, Validation Misbehavior , table pagination , IDE Freezing are fixed in this release

See complete listing of fixed bugs- Bug Fix List

Overall it is going to be a good experience :)

Cheers :) Happy Learning