WebCenter Content 12c is Here!


Beginning today, you will be able to download the installation kit for WebCenter Content v12c! What's new? Lots! What's old? Some... Need some help? We have it! Let's have a look:

New Features

Oracle WebCenter Content includes the following new features and enhancements.

Oracle WebCenter Content User Interface The interface for WebCenter Content has changed with an update to the Alta skin. It has some User Interface (UI) changes to go with it like relocation of some of the UI elements. For instance, the Title bar is moved to a drop down menu. The new UI is designed to reduce clutter. The installation process for Oracle WebCenter Content is improved for this release. WebCenter Content User Interface is in the same WebLogic Server domain as other Oracle WebCenter Content components. See the new Installing and Configuring Oracle WebCenter Contentguide for installation procedures. Annotation support for documents. For more information see Using Oracle WebCenter Content WebCenter Content Server Imaging: in Release 12c (12.2.1), the Imaging component is embedded in the Content Server and provides the Imaging functionality to the WebCenter Content users. The Imaging 11g Upgrade tool that is provided by the Imaging component is enabled with Content Server by default and is used to migrate imaging documents to the latest version of WebCenter Content.

For more information, see the Migrating Imaging 11gguide in Administering Oracle WebCenter Content.

For the upgrade information see Upgrade Guidefor Oracle WebCenter.

Inbound Refinery Inbound Refinery now supports Telestream's Vantage and command-line interface tools for video rendition sets. For more information see Administering Oracle WebCenter Content. WebCenter Content Services EventNotification Services, a new set of services for generating and publishing events. Imaging Services, a new set of services related to imaging and annotations. FLD_DELETE updated to support the new Trash feature. FLD_RESTORE updated to accept a new input parameter, dRevLabel. For more information see Services Reference for Oracle WebCenter Content. HTML Converter Template Editor The new HTML Converter Template Editor replaces the Transit technology Dynamic Converter template editor. It is a Java App that can be run inside a web browser as a Java applet. The interface has changed to support the new Template editor. For more information see Template Editor Guide for Dynamic Converter. Desktop Integration Suite The Desktop Integration Suite has many new features and enhancements. Some of the main enhancements include better integration with the Microsoft Office suite of products, access to the folders within WebCenter Content Server, and integration with Lotus Notes. For more information see Using Oracle WebCenter Content: Desktop. Oracle WebCenter Enterprise Capture New WLST commands to import & clone a workspace, display Import Processor tokens for a workspace, and delete specific Import Processor HA tokens. Support for image preservation during import. Support for document attachments. Ability to find a document within a batch based on metadata. Duplicate a document or page. For more information see Managing Oracle WebCenter Enterprise Capture.

Deprecated Items

The following applications have been deprecated in WebCenter Content in release 12c (12.2.1):

WebCenter Content IRM WebCenter Content Content CPS (Content Portlet Suite) WebCenter Content SharePoint WebParts WebCenter Content Dynamic Converter Template Editor (Transit) WebCenter Content Tracker Reports WebCenter Content URM Adapters WebCenter IPM Managed Server WebCenter Content Integrated JSP TomCat Support