Ouch, this hurts: bug 21923026 - patch Oracle 12c Home before upgrading if you have OLTP Co...


Actually I'd consider this as a real serious issue which may affect many customers with larger deployments using the Advanced Compression Option's OLTP Compression .

I came across it as Don Seiler full of anger twittered some bad words about Oracle Database We've exchanged a good number of emails - and I could see the issues Don and his colleagues got while assisting a customer to go live on Oracle Database 12c.

The most interesting one happened on the physical standby after the primary got upgraded. The MRP failed with an ORA-600.



After upgrading from Oracle to Oracle theMRP(Managed Recovery Process) on the physical standby database is failing with:

ORA-600 [kdBlkCheckError], [5]

Restoring the data file does not solve the issue.

This happens if the source table has OLTP Compression enabled, and this database has been upgraded to Oracle Database

This corruption on compressed tables will happen during media recovery while applying redo generated for those tables when the source database was running on the Oracle 11g software version .

This also applies to Oracle 12c upgraded physical standby databases when recovering redo that was generated on 11g.

The latter is actually the issue Don must have had encountered here..

Which versions are affected?

This happens only in Oracle Database and Oracle Database The issue is fixed in the MAIN code line in Oracle 12.2..


Uncompress the table would work - but is not a pleasant idea.

Install thefix for Bug 21923026 in the new Oracle 12c home BEFORE upgrading the database

Issue got filed as bug 21682261 but has been replaced by the patch for bug 21923026. It should be applied to Oracle before upgrade. If you hit the issue on a physical standby then apply the patch to the standby's home first, then refresh the affected data file by RMAN with a copy of this file from production - and restart MRP again.

Patch 21923026 is available on top of a plain Oracle installation but also on top of several PSUs and BPs. Please check the RELEASE selection of the patch download for bug 21923026


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MOS Note: 2058461.1

ALERT Bug 21923026 Corruption during Recovery after upgrading to 12c for Compressed Tables


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MOS Note: 21923026.8

Bug 21923026 - Corruption during Recovery after upgrading to 12c for Compressed Tables


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Superseeded -- MOS Note: 21682261.8

Bug 21682261 - Corruption during Recovery after upgrading to 12c for Compressed Tables - Superseded



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