Database Products Spotlighted at Oracle Openworld 2015


The following database products were highlighted throughout keynotes and sessions at Oracle OpenWorld.

Oracle Announces Beta Availability of Oracle Database 12 cRelease 2

Oracle Database 12 cIs Becoming the Foundation for the Cloud Andy Mendelsohn: theCUBE Interview with John Furrier

Oracle Expands Database Cloud Portfolio with Unprecedented Enterprise-Class Capabilities

High Availability and Scalability: Enterprises for the first time can leverage Oracle’s popular and highly regarded database clustering solution in the cloud. As part of Oracle Database Cloud and Oracle Database Exadata Cloud Service, Oracle Real Application Clusters provides out-of-the-box, scale-out database performance on-demand and fault tolerant database availability. Disaster Recovery: Businesses can now implement a real-time cloud disaster recovery solution that protects Oracle databases in the event of a site or regional outage. As part of Oracle Database Cloud and Oracle Database Exadata Cloud Service, Oracle Active Data Guard provides continuous zero-data loss replication from Oracle databases that reside on-premises or in the Oracle Cloud to an active standby database in the Oracle Cloud. Enterprises can also boost resource utilization and productivity by offloading production reporting, ad-hoc queries and backups to the active standby Oracle Database. Development and Test Services: Oracle offers free trials that developers can leverage to create cloud-native Web, departmental, and enterprise applications. Developers can use a comprehensive suite of services for dev/test with Oracle Database Cloud, including the new free service and access to Oracle Java Cloud Service, Oracle Database Backup Service and Oracle Storage Cloud Service.

Oracle Extends Cloud Leadership with Oracle Management Cloud for IT Operations

Webcast: Introducing Oracle Management Cloud