SQL Developer and RAC


Yeah, we support RAC. Note, we did fix quite a few RAC related bugs in the 4.1.1 update. These screenshots were taken with version 4.1.2.

When you want to look at historical data in ASH or AWR, you’ll have to specify the Instance number to pull the report from.

I’ve got a 2 node cluster, pick one for the report.

Which one do you want to pull data from?

And the report…

The report for the 2nd node instance.

Or if you want to browse sessions…

You can of course filter on any column in the Monitor Sessions page. To see only activity on a specific node, use the INST_ID column.

If you want to kill or trace a session, we’ll include the INST_ID info so the cluster knows which node to kill or trace the session on.

Murder, death, kill – if you remember this phrase then you probably want to visit a Taco Bell right about now…

Behind the scenes we’re looking at GV$ views whenever possible. You can see this for yourself if you go to customize a report or use the View > Log > Statements panel.

For now the Instance Viewer reports activity across all of the nodes.

About the debugger…

SQL Developer can debug PL/SQL on a RAC system as well. But, your connection needs to be on the RAC Node Instance – don’t let the cluster pick a node for you. This way the debugger can find it’s way back.