SSAS : ADOMDConnection.ConnectionString的参数列表



1. Data Source和CataLog是必须的

2. UserName和Password是可选的

Setting name(名称)

Setting aliases(别名)Description(描述)TimeoutNoneSets the time to wait for a command to run before the AdomdConnection stops trying to run the command and generates an error.Connect TimeoutNoneSets the time to wait for a connection to be established before the AdomdConnection stops trying to connect and generates an error.Data Source(数据源,一般就是指服务器)DataSourceLocationSets the instance or local cube (.cub) file to which the AdomdConnection establishes a connection.UserNameAuthenticated UserSets the user ID or name that the AdomdConnection uses to establish a connection. UIDAuthenticated User is no longer supported. User ID PasswordPWDSets the password that the AdomdConnection uses to establish a connection with the specified user name.Catalog(初始目录,一般就是指数据库)Initial CatalogSets the database to which the AdomdConnection establishes a connection. Database ProtectionLevelNoneSets the level of protection that the provider uses to sign or encrypt the connection. This setting has the following options: NONE Performs no authentication of data sent to the server CONNECT Authenticates only when the client establishes the connection with the server. PKT INTEGRITY Authenticates that all data received is from the client and that it has not been changed in transit. PKT PRIVACY Encrypts the data and authenticates that the data is received from the client and that it has not been changed in transit. 这是属性是控制数据加密的。默认情况下,如果通过TCP/IP,而不是HTTP访问SSAS的话。会进行加密。【注意】只应该在调试的时候才考虑不加密


Safety OptionsNoneSets the safety level that determines how security for user-defined functions and actions is handled.AutoSyncPeriodNoneSets the time, in milliseconds, that elapses before objects automatically synchronize with the server.ConnectToNoneSets the method that the AdomdConnection uses used to connect to the server. If set to 8.0, the connection uses in-process XML for Analysis to connect to the server. If set to 9.0, the connection uses XML for Analysis. If set to Default, the connection first tries XML for Analysis, and then tries to use in-process XML for Analysis.ProviderNoneSets the name of the provider for the data source. The default value is MSOLAP.DataSourceInfoNoneSets the provider-specific information that is required to access the data source.Integrated SecurityNoneSets the control access to use. If set to SSPI, an SSPI supported security package is used for user authentication. If set to Basic, the UserName and Password settings is required. An HTTP connection can use only the setting of Basic.CreateCubeNoneSets the CREATE CUBE statement that is used during creation of a local cube.Protocol FormatNoneSets the format of the XML sent to the server. Settings can be Default, XML, or Binary.设置客户端与服务器端通讯是用什么格式包装。默认为二进制.通常只有在进行调试的时候才设置为XML.而且要设置为XML的话,服务器必须设置一个选项

Encryption PasswordNoneSets the password used to decrypt local cubes.Impersonation LevelNoneSets the level of impersonation that the server is allowed to use when impersonating the client. The available settings are Anonymous, Identify, Impersonate, and Delegate. The default is Impersonate.SSPINoneSets the security package to use for user authentication. Available settings include Negotiate, Kerberos, NTLM, and Anonymous User. The default is Negotiate.UseExistingFileNoneSets whether to use or overwrite the existing file. If set to true, the local file must already exist, and the cube is either created if the cube does not exist, or used if the cube does exist. If set to false, the existing local cube is overwritten. The default is false.Character EncodingNoneSets how characters are encoded. The default is the string UTF-8.Use Encryption for DataNoneSets whether encryption is used between the client and server. If set to true, all data sent between the client and server is encrypted with Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) encryption, provided that the server has a certificate installed.Packet SizeNoneSets the packet size, in bytes, of network communications between client and server. The value must between 512 and 32767. The default is 4096.Extended PropertiesNoneSets the connection string properties that are to override the connection string in which Extended Properties is contained. This property is itself a connection string, the properties of which override the connection string in which Extended Properties is contained. Extended Properties can contain another Extended Properties, the properties of which maintain precedence. Extended Properties supports unlimited nesting.LocaleIdentifierNoneSets the preferred locale ID for the client application.


LocationNoneSets the name of the server.Restricted ClientNoneSets whether the client is restricted. If set to true, the client will be restricted from using local cube and local mining model functionality. Thus, a client that tries to use the local cube or local mining models will raise an error.Persist Security InfoNoneSets whether security information will be persisted. If set to true, security-related information can be obtained from the connection after the connection has been opened.SessionIDNoneSets the session identifier that the connection will use. If the session identifier does not match an existing session, an error will be raised.

这是一个会话编号. 如果成功建立会话,则会自动将最新的ID分配给他.


Transport CompressionNoneSets whether the connection will communicate with compression. If set to None, no compression will be used. If set to Compressed, communications may be compressed to reduce packet size. The GZIP setting compresses HTTP connections. If set to Default, GZIP will be used over an HTTP connection; otherwise, no compression will be used.这是传输压缩的选项,默认是压缩的,可以设置为None来禁用压缩。通常只有在调试期间才禁用。因为如果不压缩,那么传递包的体积可能大至少6倍。

Compression LevelNoneSets the compression level, from 0 to 9. The greater the value, the higher the compression.这是一个压缩级别,一共10级。9级为最好。默认为9级。同时,这也是一个服务器选项,但该选项默认是看不到的SspropInitAppNameNoneSets the name of the application that is to be associated with this connection. This value can be useful when monitoring trace events.ClientProcessIDNoneSets the process ID of the application that is to be associated with this connection. If this value is not set, and SspropInitAppName has been set, ClientProcessID will automatically be set to the process ID retrieved from the client operating system. This value can be useful when monitoring trace events.