Did You Know: The Times They are A-Changin’


You know, when Microsoft announces ‘deprecation’ of a feature, there is no guarantee that the feature will be gone any time ‘soon’. All that an official notice of deprecation means is that “This feature will be removed in a future version of Microsoft SQL Server.” But it could be a far future version. SQL Trace, for example, was announced as deprecated in SQL Server 2008, when Extended Events first made their appearance, but SQL Trace, and it’s trusty sidekick SQL Profiler, are still around, even in the upcoming SQL Server 2016.

So you might not have believed me, in the various forums, or announcements from my training partners, when I said “This may be the last time I will be teaching my 5-day class in <insert-city-or-country-name-here>” But it’s true: My 5-day SQL Server Internals class, has been deprecated. I will be moving in new directions.

Those directions are not yet completely set in stone, as I am still working out various possibilities. I will not be stopping all teaching, at least not for another whole bunch of years, but I will be reducing my travelling drastically. And the 5-day classes have a very limited future. Next year will probably be the last year for that class; and I may only teach it two or three times next year. Here are some of the possibilities I am considering to replace that class:

I do have a 3-day reduced version of my class, focusing on data/index storage and query tuning internals, that I have offered as an onsite class for companies that just couldn’t have their database folks take 5 whole days for training. However, in the past that was never offered as a public class. That will change in the coming year. I’ll announce here on this blog when I actually have the 3-day class scheduled. I will also be starting to offer my shorter one and two day classes as on-site classes. If you have a group of DBAs or developers interested in any of my one-day seminars (most of which have been presented as precons for one conference or another), now is your chance. There is a link on my website that allows you to request information about on-site class. I am considering offering my 5-day internals class as an online class, spread out over many more than 5 days. As some of you know, I used to be a University instructor, at UC Berkeley, and there are things about that model of teaching that I really miss. I would love to just present a single topic at a time, talk about it IN-DEPTH for a couple of hours, and then give some homework exercises relating to that topic. A couple of days later, there would be another class, where we’d go over the homework, and answer any questions that came up (after actually having time to think about what was discussed) and then cover another topic. I think I could cover the same content as in my 5-day class over a period of perhaps 15-20 sessions. There are a lot of details still to be worked out before this can happen, including technical logistics, but I’ve wanted to do something like this for a long time. Other possibilities include working in partnership with other companies, but these discussions are still in the very early stages.

Of course, I could also win the lottery, and that would open up even more possibilities for what I might do in the future. But I’ve got enough to think about for now, even without that.

Hopefully, I’ll see lots of you folks next week at the SQL Pass Summit in Seattle!