7 Twitter Feeds every SQL Server DBA should follow


I love the immediacy of Twitter. It can be casual or in depth. This blog post is about organising your Twitter feeds to include the best news on Twitter about SQL Server.

Some of the best SQL Server information on the internet is available via Twitter feeds. TopSQLexperts may drop in a casual 140 word message – pointing to a great article.

What I’m saying is: drop the @katyperry , @justinbieber , @taylorswift13 feeds and follow some of the best voices in the SQL Server community.

Some of these Twitter feeds are Microsoft based others are independent .

Name: Microsoft


Position:Redmond,WA – Microsoft.com/sqlserver.Vendor

Why?:Latest Vendor updates. Once you sift through the marketing , there are useful updates

Name: DBA reactions



Why?:TheDBAcareeris fun , but there are some bizarre situations involved. Any job that puts DBAs , project managers and end users in the same room, can only end in chaos! This one makes me laugh.

Name: Paul Randal


Position:Trainer. Consultant

Why?:Good explanations of complex ideas. Also maintains an excellent blog , full of great information

Name: MrDenny



Why?:Makes great recommendations fortechnical reading

Name: Amit Banerjee


Position:Sr. Program Manager with SQL Product Group at Microsoft

Why?:I’ve heard Amit talk at TechEd, excellent communicator.

Name: TroubleshootingSQL


Position:The Twitter avatar of http://www.troubleshootingsql.com

Why?:Techniques for troubleshooting SQL Server , Azure and pointers to useful MS KB articles

Name: Bob Ward


Position:Chief Technology Officer, CSS Americas

Why?:Always melts my brain

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