Go on talk about the process of developing software.


Today I listened a word that process is also important for running a company.This gave me a resonance.If it is said that process is important for company,so for a developing software is vital in the same meaning.We can think in this way,we consider developing software as run ourself company.So they are in the same important level.Now,let's go on talk about this issue.

Last two days,we stop at the review of requirement.For requirement review we need do those things strictly.So what should do for other department,like develper and QA team?Let us analysis them one by one.Once developer and requirement analysisor confirm the exactly request from customer.They can start to design,design model,outline design.In this part,if have opportunity,this part should also invite tester to attend.As tester,they should know the method of implementation and principle.But,in fact,this step always be ignored in lots of project.Certainly,there are several factors,like the cycle of developing,the quality of tester and so on.So,at least,we should implement review in team,that's ok whatever in same module or different module.I think different people have different thinking,maybe that's bifurcation at the beginning,but it would be develop to a good direction and get on the right path.We can hold meeting like code review and design review.The director of this meeting should write the report,other pepole should bring forward the existed issue, the way to settle them and the rationality.Follow the update of requirment,developer should hold this meeting continually to guarantee relative person kown the change in our project.In the best way,these meetings should be held with three parts that are requirement anlysis,developer,and QA team.There has same situation when other department hold the review meeting,like qa team.We will talk about this later.In practise,we found that lots of team short of the whole process mechanism.This influence critical on our project.

Ok,let's stop here today.Let's experience it in our work.