Unity Technologies: Looping in the whole team with Unity and Unity Cloud Build


Ambitious games are built by teams that work great together. Two mid size studios share how they collaborate in Unity in the following videos.

Dots Connects the Dots Between Disciplines

Hit mobile games Dots and TwoDots were initially made by individual creators that could do game design, graphic design and write code in order to bring their vision to life. This model works fine when one person is able to bring all these unique skill sets to the table, but what happens when you try to build a team around this model? Dot’s V.P. of Engineering, Chris Deaner, gave a talk at Unite on how Dots believe that everyone at the studio should consider themselves a developer, whether they have a background is engineering, art, or music:

Tinybop Collaborates Faster with Unity Cloud Build

Tinybop makes award winning educational apps and the studio has grown to 20+ people. With more apps in the pipeline, it’s important that they keep everyone involved while iterating quickly. A key challenge Tinybop overcame with Unity was streamlining their build process for speed. Initially, artists and designers at Tinybop waited for programmers to create builds. They adoptedUnity Cloud Build to improve this process.

Robert Blackwood, senior iOS engineer at Tinybop describes the impact: “Once we switched to Unity Cloud Build, we as developers or programmers became less of a bottleneck because things don’t now have to go directly through us. We actually have a repository now that artists can commit to.”

This is how Tinybop makes sure everybody’s on th e same page at the same time: