Mejiro Update: Ironing Out Wrinkles


This release of Mejiro is all about fixing minor problems and annoyances.As you may know, in order to display photos, Mejiro must generate thumbnails for all uploadedphotos. Depending on the number of photos and hardware, this task can take considerable time during whichthe entire app “stalls.” This may givethe impression that the app is either unreachable or non-functional. To avoid this, the new version of the app displaysnotifications when it is generating thumbnails.

When tinkering with Mejiro, I discovered that it wasn’t displaying aperture values correctly. This issue is now fixed. I also added a proper error message when the statistics option is enabled but the CrazyStats app is not installed. The photo directory is no longer hardwired into the app, soit’s now possible to specify a user-defineddirectory for storing photos. The new version features several under-the-hood optimizations that among other things introduceshorter photo URLs. The previous version of Mejiro introduced the stream view, but I hardly ever used it. Soin the spirit of keeping things simple, I removed this feature. Finally, Mejiro now has a new favicon.

As always,a Mejiro demo is available for your viewing pleasure. And you can download the latest version of the app from the project’s GitHub repository .