3rd party DunkinDonuts app removed from the Windows Store


DunkinDonuts does not have a Windows Phone app, leading to developer Huaxin Dai in April to release the first DunkinDonuts app with DDPerks loyalty program support .

Besides the support for DDPerks, the app also generate a QR code for your DD cards and free beverage coupon.

Unfortunately a complaint from DunkinDonuts meant the app, DunkinWP, did not last long in the store, with Dai being forced to remove the app on the 16th October.

Dai wrote :

As of yesterday, due to a complaint from Dunkin’ Brands, I’m forced to remove this app from listing. I have not decided what to do with it. For existing users, this means you’ll likely not see any update in some time before I sort this out. I’m sorry, but this is out of my control.

The move follows a tradition unfortunately of companies not only not supporting our platform, but also barring 3rd party developers from providing access for Windows Phone users also (looking at you Snapchat).

Are any of our readers using the app? If so, it may be worth making a complaint to DunkinDonuts which will hopefully encourage the company to either let up on Dai or release a native Windows 10 app.