Using Cortana for voice activated apps


This Saturday(November 7th) I’ll be speaking at CodeCamp Iasi about “Using Cortana for voice activated apps”. Interested? Then please register here and come andsee my presentationbetween 12:00-12:45 in Room 4, floor -2(hurry up, only few tickets are left).

Still not interested?

Ok, let’s sharesome more details. Ifyou are developing for a platform that supports voice recognition(iOS, Android, IoT devices, etc), then you should really come and watch my presentation because:

you’ll find out when to use voice recognition vs using other input devices(mouse/keyboard/touch, etc) I will have 2 cool demos. The first one will be a Universal Windows app for CodeCamp which allows you to filter sessions using only your voice. The second one is even better, it will allow you to…(nope…come and see) you’ll find out more about Cortana and how easy it is to integrate it in Windows 10 apps you’ll see some nice C#/XAML code also some Node.js code(yeah…doesn’t make any sense, but actuallyit does) and…last but not the least… I’ll show you how Cortana can make you very rich (no programming skills required)

If this is you now…

….then register for free and I’ll see you there!