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Have a moment? Check our article about .js! (wojciech.hildebrandt) It’s been a long time since Javascript was used mostly to present a real time clock* on your homepage header, or even worse, just next to the mouse pointer. JS is now mature and script kiddies are gone. Breakpoint Actions & Conditions – Day 22 – Visual Studio 2015 (Kevin Babcock) For .NET developers everywhere, a new version of Visual Studio brings with it the promise of increased productivity. Microsoft .NET – .NET and Universal Windows Platform Development (Daniel Jacobson) What’s New with the UWP? As a .NET developer, you’ll appreciate all that the UWP has to offer. UWP apps will run in “Windowed” mode on the huge number of desktops that have been, and will continue to be, upgraded to Windows 10. Detox Your Design: 8 UI Elements to Eliminate (Carrie Cousins) Is your design starting to look old? Old and out-of-date user interface elements can make a site feel much more dated than it actually is. Here, we look at eight UI elements that you should eliminate from your design plan. It’s happening – OpenSSH for Windows…from Microsoft (Scott Hanselman) Back in June the folks over at the Microsoft PowerShell blog indicated they were going to support SSH in Windows soon. I read the post a few times and I must admit I read deeply between the lines and enjoyed the post very much. For example, this passage, with emphasis mine. Inheritance / overriding / traits (sachabarber) In this post we will talk about how to create abstract classes, inheritance and also traits. One thing I wanted to mention is that in Scala the focus is clearly on creating immutable data structures. Which is what YOU should be trying to achieve WHEREVER possible. The many types of asserts and their meaning, and dealing with assert bugs (ricom) I’m actually surprised how much disagreement I find when discussing how to handle bugs that report assertion failures. I think part of the problem is that the “assert” macro is used for various different things. I actually wish it wasn’t. Microsoft/WinObjC (s5msft) Welcome to the Windows Bridge for iOS project preview What is WinObjC? Windows Bridge for iOS (also referred to as WinObjC) is a Microsoft open source project that provides an Objective-C development environment for Visual Studio/Windows. ASP.NET Server Performance Testing This happened a couple of years ago, but it is still relevant because I know of at least one place where it is still happening even though Microsoft has fixed the issue that initially caused this hack to be put in place in the first place. Here’s the problem we were seeing. Control how your bower packages are installed with a gulpfile in ASP.NET 5 (Scott Hanselman) ASP.NET 5 beta 8 is out. Yes, that’s a lot of betas, but it’s important to get things right when you’re doing something new like this. You can find instructions in our documentation for installing ASP.NET 5 beta8 on Windows, Mac and Linux. ASP. Global route prefixes with attribute routing in ASP.NET 5 and MVC 6 In the last post a few days ago we looked at adding a centralized route prefix to attribute routing in ASP.NET Web API. I got a couple of follow up question about how to achieve the same in ASP.NET 5 and MVC 6 framework. Bootsnipp What is this? Bootsnipp is an element gallery for web designers and web developers created by Maks, anybody using Bootstrap will find this website essential in their craft.