Wireframing with Hotgloo (Crash Course Series) [Part One]


Wireframing with Hotgloo (Crash Course Series) [Part One]from Sherman on Vimeo

Wireframing with Hotgloo [Part One]

Are you tight for time? Is your boss constantly breathing down your neck? Are you still struggling with converting your wireframes on paper to something functional? Fret not!

I’ve decided to start a series of crash course videos that aims at helping designers, developers, managers, or even anyone who wants to get up to speed on wireframing and prototyping. You do not have the time to read the documentation, or watch all the available video tutorials, let alone time to hit the loo. And you needed a solution that cna help you get wireframing done in no time. I will be sharing about wireframing with Hotgloo in this video above.

This crash course series is aimed at helping individuals like you save time, and get straight into the thick of things. In my next part of this series, I will be sharing about how to make use of some of the widgets (like contact forms, account sign up, etc) that come available with Hotgloo and how you can customize them so that they can work as part of your prototype on your project.

Now that I have used Hotgloo, I have come to realize just how useful and simple the tool is for my prototyping requirements. What I thought would take 3 days actually only need half the time to get things done, that is how amazing Hotgloo is!


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