CRM Developer Extensions v1.2.1.0


What’s new in this update:

Integrated ILMerge on plug-in and custom workflow projects.

Saw a cool blog postfrom Nicolas Nowinskion using a an ILMerge build task to merge assemblies inside a plug-in or custom workflow. I thought it would be a cool feature so I added it to the Plug-in Deployer window. Selecting the option will add the proper NuGet package, set the copy local option on the CRM SDK assemblies and then merge referenced assemblies on build. Referenced assemblies still must be signed and CRM Online sandbox compliant (if applicable).

Get the CRM Developer Extensions from the Visual Studio Galleryor install from Visual Studio 2012, 2013, or 2015 under Extensions and Updates.

If you are interested in contributing, have a suggestion (please make suggestions), or just want to check out the code you can do so here: