New version of CRMQuickDeploy adds tighter integration with CRM Developer Toolkit and produ...


I have released version 2.5 of CRMQuickDeploy (previously known asBNH.CRM.Debugging). This version adds tighter integration with CRM Developer Toolkit projects and a new productivity shortcut.

Download it now!

You can download the latest version of CRMQuickDeploy from the Visual Studio Gallery .

Tighter integration with CRM Developer Toolkit

For web resources, the extension now checks if the project is the CRM Developer Toolkit package project; and if so will use the Description , Display Name and Unique Name properties of the file to deploy the web resource.

If the project is not a CRM Developer Toolkit package project, then the extension falls back to using the location of the file within the project to determine its unique namein CRM.

New productivity shortcut

A new keyboard shortcut ( Alt + Q, F ) and context menu has been added to the code editor for web resources.

This command deploys the file that is currently opened in the editor to CRM.

Note that this command will only be enabled and appear in the editor context menu for files that are recognised as deployable web resources. This means the file must be located under the WebResources folder of the project, and must be one of the web resource types (e.g. JavaScript, CSS, HTML, XML, etc).

Changes to shortcut keys in previous versions

Previous versions of the extension uses shortcut keys beginning with Alt + D by default. In this version allshortcut keys have been changed to begin with Alt + Q to avoid conflict with Visual Studio’s OOTB commands.

Note that you can edit the shortcut key for all commandsin Visual Studio by going to: Tools / Customize / Keyboard (on the Toolbars tab).

The complete list of shortcut keys in this version is as follow:

Alt + Q, B : Deploy assemblies to Bin Folder Alt + Q, D : Deploy assembly to CRM Database Alt + Q, G : Deploy assemblies to GAC Alt + Q, W : Deploy web resources Alt + Q, F : Deploy web resource in current editor to CRM Alt + Q, A : Attach to Async Service Alt + Q, I : Attach to IIS Alt + Q, S : Attach to Sandbox Worker