Advent 2015


Advent is a time of preparation. A time to make ready for Christmas. But thisAdvent is special. This Advent, the Christmas we are preparing for is theChristmas. The one where Perl 6 is “official” and “released” and ready for the world.

In a way, it has been ayear long advent for the Perl 6 developers. There have been many improvements to the Rakudo compiler over the past year. Two really big features on our way to Christmas wereNormal Form Grapheme (NFG) and theGreat List Refactor (GLR) , which, after the September releasewere largely finished.

I say “largely finished” rather than just “finished” because there are always lingering issues in any endeavor and that’s why Christmas is so important to Perl 6. With the Christmas release of Perl 6, a larger community of programmers will be poking and prodding our Perl 6 compilers and using them for real world tasks. Moreover, there may be a few hidden corners in the language specification that could lead to futures changes in the specification which would cascade to the compiler implementations. With more people trying Perl 6, it’s likely that the community of people associated with Perl 6 will also receive a boost in numbers. There may even be an influx of new Perl 6 developers. It’s an exciting time.

So, over the next 24 days, enjoy some of the many gifts that Perl 6 has to offer. Christmas is just the beginning. :-)