scikit-learn 0.17b1 is out!


From the announcement:

The 0.17 beta release of scikit-learn has been uploaded to PyPI. As of now only the source tarball is available. I am waiting for the CI server to build the binary packages for the Windows and Mac OSX platform. They should be online tonight or tomorrow morning.

Please test it as much as possible especially if you have a test suite for a project that has scikit-learn as a dependency.

If you find regressions from 0.16.1 please open issues on github and put `[REGRESSION]` in the title of the issue:

Any bugfix will have to be merged to the master branch first and then we will do a cherrypick of the fix into the 0.17.X branch that will be used to generate 0.17.0 final, probably in less than 2 weeks.

Just in time for the weekend!

Comment early and often.


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