python3-ipfs-api’s documentation


Welcome to python3-ipfs-api’s documentation!

python3-ipfs-api is a complete rewrite of python-ipfs-api. It defines a whole new interface and tries to do more than just wrapping the HTTP API. python3-ipfs-api will only support Python 3 (hence the name).

python3-ipfs-api uses requests to issue API calls. Also it uses a minimal implementation of a protobuf2 reader/writer (called pb2nano) for using protobuf encoding where possible. This makes it possible to e.g. put/get objects with binary content without a problem.

In ipfs.api you’ll find the lowlevel API implementation. The high-level API is still work in progess and only consists of the ipfs.merkledag and ipfs.unixfs modules at the moment.

If you want to get started take a look at our examples/ or read the documentation.

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