HTML元素 - area



定义一个客户端图像映射中一个超级链接区域的形状、坐标和关联 URL。

Defines the shape, coordinates, and associated URL of one hyperlink region within a client-side image map.


在同一个 map 元素中可包含任意多个 area 元素。

COORDS 值的格式取决于 SHAPE 标签属性的值。

此元素在 Internet Explorer 3.0 及以上版本的 HTML 中可用,在 Internet Explorer 4.0 及以上版本的脚本中可用。



Any number of area elements can be contained within the same map element.

The format of the COORDS value depends on the value of the SHAPE attribute.

This element is available in HTML as of Internet Explorer 3.0, and in script as of Internet Explorer 4.0.

This element is not rendered.

This element does not require a closing tag.


下面的例子提供了一个太阳系的图像映射代码。该代码在 map 元素中使用 area 元素及其 COORDS 值和 SHAPE 标签属性创建了由图象映射指向单个行星图像的链接。要返回到太阳系图像映射,用户可以单击后退按钮。

This example provides the code for an image map of the solar system. It creates links from the image map to individual images of the planets using the area element with the map element, COORDS value, and SHAPE attribute. The user clicks the sun or any planet to link to an individual image. To return to the solar system image map, the user clicks the Back button.

<P><IMG SRC="solarsys.gif" WIDTH=504 HEIGHT=126 BORDER=0 ALT="Solar System" USEMAP="#SystemMap">

<MAP NAME="SystemMap">

<AREA SHAPE="rect" COORDS="0,0,82,126" HREF="sun.gif" alt="sun">

<AREA SHAPE="circle" COORDS="90,58,3" HREF="merglobe.gif" alt="mercury">

<AREA SHAPE="circle" COORDS="124,58,8" HREF="venglobe.gif" alt="venus">

<AREA SHAPE="circle" COORDS="162,58,10" HREF="earglobe.gif" alt="earth">

<AREA SHAPE="circle" COORDS="203,58,8" HREF="marglobe.gif" alt="mars">

<AREA SHAPE="poly" COORDS="221,34,238,37,257,32,278,44,284,60,281,75,288,91,267,87,253,89,237,81,229,64,228,54" HREF="jupglobe.gif" alt="jupiter">

<AREA SHAPE="poly" COORDS="288,19,316,39,330,37,348,47,351,66,349,74,367,105,337,85,324,85,307,77,303,60,307,50" HREF="satglobe.gif" alt="saturn">

<AREA SHAPE="poly" COORDS="405,39,408,50,411,57,410,71,404,78,393,80,383,86,381,75,376,69,376,56,380,48,393,44" HREF="uraglobe.gif" alt="uranus">

<AREA SHAPE="poly" COORDS="445,38,434,49,431,53,427,62,430,72,435,77,445,92,456,77,463,72,463,62,462,53,455,47" HREF="nepglobe.gif" alt="neptune">

<AREA SHAPE="circle" COORDS="479,66,3" HREF="pluglobe.gif" alt="pluto">