20+ Hybrid Websites for Inspiration


Hybrid websitesare the new trend in website developing. These websites are made by combining the most useful features of the websites along with social media and blogging to develop a website which has all the functionality of all its components yet remains less expensive, light to use and offers easy maintenance. These websites are the future of the internet website development and usage of them is constantly increasing with time.

Hybrid websites are developed in HTML and Flash depending on the usage and choice of the web developers. Both the platforms offer great functionality and types to choose from. The integration with the social media ensures the promotion of your website and a greater traffic at your website. Its mixed elements increase the function of a website and let user enjoy all the features on a single website. The amalgamation of different elements of internet services on a single website provides an excellent tool for both the provider and the user.

What platform is used for developing them?

Flash is an excellent tool for developing hybrid websites. Its aesthetic looks and potential in visual department makes it a great choice for making these kinds of websites. It is important to note that in today’s world, appearance of a website matters as much as the functionality of it. But sometimes developing a website on full Flash is not advisable as it is not the best option for the client’s requirements and contents he wants. Flash can be visually appealing but it can’t carry a whole site all on its own. Sometimes flash websites can be pretty heavy and take away the lighter and quick loading of the contents away.

HTML is the best for coding the websites and it is used by the developers form the beginning. Every web developer has experience in it and knows his way around the HTML. Hybrid websites are developed on HTML with the feel of Flash, these may not be as aesthetically pleasing as the ones developed purely in flash but they offer far more functionality with the same feel. If the client wants a website to sell his products or it is an informational one then the use of HTML will greatly help.

Feature of hybrid websites –

Combination of these two platforms serves just right for making a Hybrid website. It contains the features of both the platforms and we can adjust them by tweaking a few settings. They are successful because:

SEO optimization can be easily done and delivers good traffic. Printing of pages is quite easy Deep linkage form a search engine Maximum potential is achieved of core browser functionality Flash gives you the visual appeal you wanted for the website ad also helps in playing animations, video and much more Hybrid websites changing the face of internet

Hybrid websitesare literally changing the face of internet and our user experience. When you encounter a website which offers everything like social media, blog along with the basic functions of a website with the feel of Flash touch, then it surely gets added up to your bookmarks. These little user experience accumulates and gives website the traffic they need to succeed in the business. The design of the websites also changes as it is developed on the combination of two platforms and a lot of extra features have to be added in the website which takes more time. The result website will be lighter and faster along with tons of other features. Following section will show you some quality examples of hybrid websites giving feel of Flash while purely developed in HTML only.

20+ hybrid websites looking like Flash websites – 20 Things I Learned

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