EasyHTML5Video: Best Free Tool to Create HTML5 Videos in 3 Steps


EasyHTML5Video lets you create amazing videos in just 3 steps to go with all browsers & all smart devices. Yes with the growing popularity of HTML5 in web development circles, it’s time to switch to HTML5 videos. It can add value to your websites & blogs where you can share quality HTML5 videos with your audience. But you have to go through a bit complicated process while doing it yourself. That’s why Easy HTML5 Video comes forward to speed up the process of video creation with its easy to use interface to let you save your time and effort both.

With EasyHTML5Video You can:

* Create HTML5 Video in simple 3 steps; Drag, Set & Publish.

* Convert 300+ video formats to latest VP9 and H.265

* Run your videos on all devices & all browsers

* Have your own server to put your videos directly (no hassle of paid video hosting services including Youtube)

Step by Step Process HTML5 Video Creation with EasyHTML5video

Here is given the simple step by step process for creating HTML5 videos with EasyHTML5Video.com:

1. Drag & Drop Video

2. Set the Features…

3. Publish the Video!

Which Browsers are Supported by EasyHTML5Video?

EasyHTML5Videos fully supports following browsers:

Internet Explorer,Mozilla Firefox,Google Chrome,Opera,Apple Safari 4+

(All with old versions)

Which Devices are Supported by EasyHTML5Videos?

EasyHTML5Videos supports following smart devices:

iPhone 3+,iPad 1+,Android 2.1+,BlackBerry 6+,Windows Phone 7+,(HTML with MP4)

EasyHTML5Videos for Business Needs

EasyHTML5Video is the Best Free Tool to Create HTML5 Videos but if you want to use it for business, you can purchase its premium version to replace its credit line with your own logo. You can pay viacredit card, bank transfer or Paypal.

EasyHTML5Video Tutorial Help

For further expertise in HTML5 video creation you can also check outthe tutorials here .